My Story

A Destiny Changing Accident

In 2011, after a serious horse-riding accident, Kat regained consciousness, only to find herself paralyzed, and told that the horse may not live. Kat had suffered a triple fracture of her C2 vertebrae, which is also known as the hangman’s fracture—the same fracture Christopher Reeve, the star of Superman, suffered. Reeve was also a horseback rider who was injured in a horse-riding accident. His accident resulted in paralysis from the neck down, leaving him wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life.

& Life-Threatening Injuries...

In addition to the fracture, Kat had an array of other injuries—broken ribs, bruised bones, and pneumothorax, a condition in which air gets outside or your lungs due to severe impact, creating pressure and sharp pains in her chest. She was on a ventilator, and the doctors put her into halo traction—basically a halo-shaped device screwed onto her skull, to keep her head and neck completely still, without sedation or anesthesia.

“That was the moment that changed my life forever… I faced and accepted death, because I truly didn’t believe I was going to survive.”

A Catalyst For The Future

Kat grew up as an animal lover on a farm, in a family full of medical professionals. Some would say she was destined for the medical field. What Kat didn’t know was that her accident would soon serve as the catalyst for a powerful transformation, one that would not only help her become healthy again, but would also inspire her to build and develop a successful business focused on helping and healing thousands of people and animals around the world.

Adversity Into Purpose

Through personal experience, collaboration with experts, and endless research, Kat has developed key tools for businesses of all sizes and people of all backgrounds, to not only spur personal success, but to fuel profit with passion. She has become fascinated with the role purpose plays in the inner workings of our world, people’s successes and failures, wins and losses. She is devoted to spreading the lessons she’s learned, and passing on the valuable insights she’s gained.

Kat Chrysostom

Author, Public Speaker, CEO of Benefab® Products & The Horse Holster

Kat Chrysostom is now the CEO of a rapidly growing nationwide company, she travels the country inspiring organizations and groups, and leading workshops, and she is planning her second book. From education to inspiration, Kat has made the transition from tragedy to triumph in both life and business, and she’d like to share that lesson with you.

Kat lives in Ocala, Florida, and still enjoys riding in her spare time.


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