Broken To Branded


What would you do if your dream job suddenly became a nightmare?

When a near-fatal riding accident abruptly ended Kat Chrysostom’s promising career as a show jumper, she thought her life was over.

Facing adversity, Kat was forced to confront the challenge of recovery from severe injuries that laid her up in the hospital, but also tackle the problem of what she would do professionally, since her career seemed to be over. In Broken to Branded, Kat shares how she fought back, found her true calling, and rebuilt her life by building a successful business to serve others.

“When I got to the hospital…
they were saying permanent paralysis could result
if they did surgery…”

Broken To Branded

Surpass Your Fears, Find Your Purpose, and Take Control

In Broken to Branded, step by step, Kat shares how she fought through adversity, restructured her life,and set about taking back her future by building a thriving and successful business.

Among the practical insights Kat shares are these:

  • How to keep going, even when everything looks hopeless
  • How to find your life’s passion—and how to keep that passion alive
  • How to make smart decisions and avoid decision paralysis
  • How to build your network—and why you have more help at hand than you think!

Whether you’re just starting your career, or considering the leap to entrepreneurship, Broken to Branded offers inspiration and practical tools for success, along with real talk about what it really takes to build a business from the ground up.



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