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With proven sell-through rates, turn-key displays, and unbeatable dealer support, our established brands will increase your sales while producing a profit. We offer a large variety of pet and outdoor products with low opening minimums, so that you can start with what you want and grow to what you desire. We, also, enforce our minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policy to ensure a level playing field for you as a reseller. Whether you are coming from a big box store or a locally-owned shop, we invite you to join our dealer network by applying at the link below.

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The Horse Holster™

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Parables: Life Lessons From A Horse

by Kat Chrysostom

How love, connection and trust translate into leadership. What horses and animals have taught me and how they’ve led me into becoming a better leader for myself and in my business.


Broken To Branded

Surpass Your Fears, Find Your Purpose, and Take Control

In Broken to Branded, step by step, Kat shares how she fought through adversity, restructured her life, and set about taking back her future by building a thriving and successful business.


About Kat

Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, CEO of Benefab Products & The Horse Holster

Kat Chrysostom is a native of South Carolina, with a lifelong passion for animals, business, and entrepreneurship. For the past eight years, she has been the founder and CEO of Benefab®, a highly-successful business specializing in wearable therapeutic products for both animals and people. Helping people is the calling that drives her business and enriches her life.




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